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  1. Manuals and other Educational Items, Club Materials, Marketing and PR
  2. Contest Material, Certificates, Ribbons, Medals, Trophies, Gifts, Pins  etc.

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Section 1 - Manuals and other Educational Items, Club Materials, Marketing and PR

Qty. Cat. No. Description
Communication and Leadership
225 Competent Communication Manual ($10)
265 Competent Leadership Manual ($10)
Advanced Communication Series
($12.00 each)
226A The Entertaining Speaker
226B Speaking to Inform
226C Public Relations
226D Facilitating Discussion
226E Specialty Speeches
226F Speeches by Management
226G The Professional Speaker
226H Technical Presentations
226I Persuasive Speaking
226J Communicating on Video
226K Storytelling
226L Interpretive Reading
226M Interpersonal Communication
226N Special Occasions
226O Humorously Speaking
High Performance Leadership Program
N/A 262 High Performance Leadership Kit (includes 3 x #263, $28)
263 Extra Guidance Committee Handbook ($5)
Educational Materials
104 Debate Handbook ($9)
1167D A TM Wears Many Hats ($2)
249U Meetings Procedure Workshop ($29)
204 Speechcraft Coordinators Guide ($4.50)
204H Speechcrafters H'book ($4.50)
N/A 205 Speechcraft Starter Kit ($38)
Has 3 x 204, 5 x 204H,
1 x 260, 5 x 261 plus extras
207 Speechcraft brochure - An Opportunity to Succeed (10¢)
260 Coordinator’s Certificate ($1.20)
261 Participant’s Certificate ($1.20)
7005  Australian Speechcraft Assignment Guide ($2)
7006 Australian Speechcraft Support Material ($2)
Qty. Cat. No. Description
The Better Speaker Series ($10 ea.)
270 Beginning Your Speech
271 Concluding Your Speech
272 Controlling Your Fear
273 Impromptu Speaking
278 Preparation and Practice
279 Body Language
The Successful Club Series
($10 unless indicated)
290 Moments of Truth ($19)
292 Evaluate to Motivate
293 Closing the Sale
294 Creating Best Club Climate
295 Meeting Roles and Responsibilities
298 Going Beyond Our Club
299 How to be a Dist.Club
300 The T.I. Education Program
Youth Leadership
802 YL Coord’s Guide ($9)
805 YL Student Handbook ($4)
809 YL Coord’s Cert. ($1.20)
810 YL Completion Cert. ($1.20)
Success Communication/Leadership
242 Listen Effectively ($59)
249U Meetings Procedure Workshop ($29)
251 Art of Effective Evaluation ($79)
253 Thinking Power Part 1 ($89)
254 Thinking Power Part 2 ($89)
236 How to Conduct Productive Meetings ($57)
255 Leadership Part 1 ($69)
256 Leadership Part 2 ($69)
258 Leadership Part 3 ($69)
257 Speaker to Trainer ($69)
259 Management Skills ($69)
Qty. Cat. No. Description
Club Materials
1310 Club Leadership Handbook ($5)
1312 Master Your Meetings ($8)
513 Membership Certificate ($1.20)
1167D TM Wears Many Hats ($2)
375 Gavel, walnut finish ($24)
901 Timing Cards ($5)
7003 Timing Lights ($119)
7007 Banner Stand (59)
Ribbons ($9.75 for pack of 10)
393BS Best Speaker Ribbons (10)
393BE Best Evaluator Ribbons (10)
393BTT Best Table Topic Ribbons (10)
393IB Ice Breaker Ribbons (10)
Mini Certificates ($5.50 for pack of 10)
602BS Best Speaker Mini Certs
602BE Best Evaluator Mini Certs
602BTT Best Table Topic Mini Certs
Marketing and PR
99 Find Your Voice
(pack of 10) ($1)
Limit of 2 packs per club
101 The Voice of Leadership
(pack of 10) ($1)
Limit of 2 packs per club
354 Benefits of Toastmasters (pack of 25) ($1)
Limit of 2 packs per club
124 All About Toastmasters ($0.50)
84 Guest Book ($16)
342 Presentation Folder ($2.50)
Qty. Cat. No. Description
1171 Contest Rule Book ($3)
Contest forms ($0.27 ea. unless indicated)
For these items you need a minimum of 1 sheet per contest.
1175 Timers Record
1176 Counters Sheet
1182 Notification of winner
For these items you need a minimum of 1 sheet per contestant.
1183 Cert of Eligibility and Originality
1189 Speech Contestant Profile
1177 Evaluation Contestant Notes
For these items you need 1 Judge's Certification per judge at a set of contests plus 1 Guide & Ballot per judge and a Tiebreak Guide & Ballot for each contest.
(Note: For club contests, all members not otherwise involved in the contest are encouraged to judge as part of their training, so adequate quantities should be ordered.
Five judges are needed for Area contests and 7 judges for Division contests.)
1170 Judge's Cert. of Eligibility & Code of Ethics ($0.20 ea.)
1172 International Judge Guide & Ballot
1188 International Tiebreak Judge
1179 Evaluation Judge Guide & Ballot
1179A Evaluation Tiebreak Judge
1191 Humorous Judge Guide & Ballot
1191A Humorous Tiebreak Judge
1180 Topics Judge Guide & Ballot
1180A Topics Tiebreak Judge
Qty. Cat. No. Description
Generic Contest Certificates
(Suitable for all types of contests and all levels)
510A Contest 1st Place ($1.20)
510B Contest 2nd Place ($1.20)
510C Contest 3rd Place ($1.20)
510D Participation ($1.20)
510K Contest Certificate Kit ($8.50) Has one of 510A, B, C and 5 x 510D, saving $1.10
605 Certificate holder ($4.90)
Contest Ribbons ($1.10 each)
394SCF Speech Contest First Place Ribbon
394SCS Speech Contest Second Place Ribbon
394SCT Speech Contest Third Place Ribbon
  394SCP Speech Contest Participation Ribbon
Achievement Medals ($11 each)
N/A 5780 Gold Medal
N/A 5781 Silver Medal
N/A 5782 Bronze Medal
N/A 1961 Clear Star ($16)
N/A 1995A Torch Award, 1st place ($17)
N/A 1995B Torch Award, 2nd place ($17)
N/A 1995C Torch Award, 3rd place ($17)
N/A 1925A Gold Star ($19)
1925B Silver Star ($19) (One only)
N/A 1986A Pinnacle award, small ($23)
1986B Pinnacle award, medium ($31)
    It is proving impossible to get trophies from TI. Not our fault there are none to sell.
Qty. Cat. No. Description
General Certificates ($1.20 each)
260 Success Com/Leadership Coord’s Certificate
261 Success Com/Leadership Participant’s Certificate
511 Blank Certificate
513 Membership Certificate
501G Distinguished Service
525 Appreciation Certificate
605 Certificate holder ($4.90)
Pins ($14 unless indicated) & Medallions
5500 Comp. Com. Pin
5510 Adv. Com. Bronze Pin
5511 Adv. Com. Silver Pin
5512 Adv. Com. Gold Pin
5525 Competent Leader Pin
5800 Distinguished Toastmaster Pin
5753 Membership Pin - silver ($10)
5757 Membership Pin - colour ($12)
5758 Where Leaders are Made Pin ($12)
1115C Outstanding Member ($9)
5909 Triple Crown Pin ($19)
5880 Pathways Pin ($5)
5798 DTM Medallion (ribbon) $33
5798A DTM Medallion (pin-back) $33
Recognition Gifts
5999 TM Pen and Pencil Set ($12)
6994 TM Promotional Pen ($1.50)
6857 TM Promotional Gavel Pencil ($1.75)
6860 Core Values Coin ($3)
Order Cost

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