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Pathways has started

Now that Pathways has started in Australia, the option to apply for a Competent Communicator and Competent Leader award is not available to a new member who joins in 2018 onwards. However, the transitional period of the Pathways introduction allows existing members to continue to apply for education awards through the traditional education program. The transitional period is expected to run until June, 2020.

Because Pathways is an online program, Toastmasters Supplies Australia will not be selling any items associated with the educational side of the program. As the demand for the range of traditional Toastmasters manuals and modules has disappeared, we have started phasing them out.

Details of the traditional TI educational system are given below together with summaries of the various manuals and modules. Availability of some of these items is not guaranteed as they go out of print.

To order from Toastmasters Supplies Australia you can use our simple and secure online order form or order by post (see options on home page). For any queries, please contact the Supplies Sales Officer Elizabeth Wilson or phone 02 9630 4518.


TI's Educational System

For a summary of the requirements for each award in the TI Educational System and the manuals and modules which must be completed for each award, see here.

Background information on the educational manuals and modules

To help members choose which manuals and/or modules to purchase for various awards, here are summaries of their contents. 


Assignment Guides

To help newer members in particular prepare for meeting assignments, there are 2 publications available.

  • A Toastmaster Wears Many Hats
    This is TI publication #1167D, cost $2.00
  • District 70's Guide to Meeting Assignments
    The District 70 Guide to Meeting Assignments was originally published in 1982 and has been in widespread use since. The Guide was revised in 2001 but the original size and format was retained. It is no longer sold in Supplies but is available for viewing or downloading and printing here.

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